The first not-glowing review!

Who wants a little taste of schadenfreude?

RAnn at This That and the Other Thing has posted her review of Don’t You Forget About Me.  

Considering where I got this book (Full Quiver Publishers [sic]) I rolled my eyes and figured I was about to quit reading some diatribe about birth control pills causing all sorts of health problems.  I was wrong.

HA!  Gotcha, RAnn!

RAnn goes on to write:

If a characteristic of a good writer is getting readers to see themselves in characters, Erin Cupp nailed me in Mary Catherine.


“Hey!” you say.  “Where’s my schadnfreude?”  Well, that you’ll have to get by going over to RAnn’s place and reading the actual review.  Considering RAnn’s review policy and her rating system, the fact that DYFAM got a B is nothing up at which I’ll turn my nose.  It’s kind of like getting not cursed at by the Hell’s Kitchen dude.

OMG, these Gordon Ramsey x DW pics are the best. There's so little ginger!

But wait!  There’s more!


Really,  people, I could go on like this all day.

I’d like to thank RAnn for taking the time to review DYFAM.  I’d also like to thank you, if you’ve read the book, for hopping on over to Amazon and posting a review of your own… pretty please?  Or maybe on Goodreads?  If you haven’t read it yet, here’s the remedy.