Who writes short-shorts? I write short-shorts!

DYFAMCoverFrontForFlyer I’m back to working on Never Let Me Down Again.  For those of you who’ve hung on lo these many years, waiting for The Sequel That Refuses To Be Written, you deserve a treat.  I have a short-short (<1500 words) off at the beta readers right now.  Once it’s ready for consumption, I’ll be gifting it to my newsletter subscribers (you know, those folks who are still waiting for their free St. Dominic book, which is at an actual editor right now).

Anyway, if you want to see what happens at the end of Cate & Gene’s first date, sign up for my newsletter.  I’m anticipating you’ll get it before the month is out.

Here’s who’s watering my plants while I’m away.

Wait, you didn’t know I was going away, did you?  I’m going away.


Seriously, I don’t.  And that’s why I must.  I’m just taking a couple of months off so I can, hopefully, DEAR GOD PLEASE HELP MEEEEEEE!!!! finish the sequel to Don’t You Forget About Me.

In that time, I’ll be starting a newsletter.  So if you want the totally, top secret, exclusive scoop on what I’m doing while on blogging hiatus, sign up here for EMC Reader: The Newsletter of Author Erin McCole Cupp.


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Also in the meantime, I’ve picked around and recruited a few friends to keep the place in shape while I’m writing, you know, actual fiction.  They’ll be scooping the litter pan, feeding the fish… and here’s where I admit I spent too many minutes searching for a GIF of Scully saying, “That would be bad for the fish.”

So here are some of the neighbors who will be dropping by. I’m letting you know so if you see some stranger unlocking the door, you don’t freak out and call the police.


See, I wouldn’t leave my Tomato Pie Fans without anything to enjoy while I cooked up a little something new.  See you in a couple of months! Please pray that I can finish this draft.  This is proving a very difficult book to write. The good news?