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Mother’s Day has the potential to be very difficult for me, but my husband and kids always make it so beautiful and so much fun. At breakfast, hubby asked, “Are there any movies you’d like to see?”

I hemmed and hawed a bit. “Well, I’d like to see Mom’s Night Out at some point, and I”m pretty sure it’s family-friendly. I’ve heard nice things about God’s Not Dead and Heaven is for Real, though I’m not sure they’re for the kids–”

“No, I meant we arrange babysitting and go see a grown-up m–”


Image by Takk courtesy of Wikicommons

Image by Takk courtesy of Wikicommons

I don’t have time to post a real review, but we’ll just say I LOVED it. The plot was solid, the acting was spot-on, and… this might sound weird, but it was one of the best scores I’ve heard in a while (that may not be saying much–I don’t get to many movies these days). Anyway, it was the perfect end to the perfect day for a nerdy mom like myself.


I took my kids to the pool yesterday and didn’t lose my mind with boredom chasing Second Shift around. ¬†Oh, and nobody drowned.


I let the older member of First Shift fix Second Shift’s toothbrush. It’s a kiddie spin brush, and fixing it involved using a jeweler’s screwdriver, so this is a big accomplishment for someone with low muscle tone, poor coordination, and resulting generalized anxiety. It’s not my success (well, I guess it is if you count me not doing it for her), but it’s so awesome it’s worth sharing.