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No one wants to celebrate Christmas this year. Not Ella McKendrick, who, on the cusp of success as a potter, is tasked with her husband’s company party on too-short notice. She gives up her first pottery sale to pitch in, but the joy of the season is diminished.

Not Gertie Wycliffe, Ella’s mom, a new widow who is doing everything she can to avoid her first Christmas alone. No one understands the grief and terror she feels – maybe because the craziness of a seventy-four-year-old woman signing up for skydiving lessons is all she lets them see.

Not Natalie Shaw, Ella’s pregnant daughter. Natalie’s husband is deployed halfway around the world, and she believes that ignoring the holiday might blunt her loneliness.

Then disaster strikes, not once but twice. Three generations, three untenable situations. Three women who come together for each other and remember what’s most important about Christmas.

If you made it to this page on October 29 on or after November 5 you should be able to watch below. Good luck!

CMN 2015 Trade Show Selfie Scavenger Hunt

ETA So many amazing prizes have been added that you will just have to scroll down to the bottom to see them all.  Thanks to Franciscan Media, Maria Morera Johnson, Lisa Hendey, Karina Fabian  and Melanie Rigney for joining in the fun.  

Who’s going to the Catholic Marketing Network Trade ShowI AM!

Last year we had a great time playing the CMN Trade Show Selfie Scavenger Hunt.  Who’s up for a repeat?


Here’s how you play:

  1. Take a selfie at/with/doing any of the things in the list below.
  2. Post it to your Instagram, TwitterFacebook, Pinterest, blog, whathaveyou, including #CMNselfie2015 wherever you post it.
  3. Search the places listed above for #CMNselfie2015.
  4. Find like minds and hearts!
  5. Follow them on the places listed above.
  6. Get to know each other! Support each other! Share the love!


And here’s this year’s list!

  1. Buying a book
  2. Getting breakfast
  3. With someone wearing a hat
  4. With someone in a religious habit
  5. With an artisan at his/her booth
  6. At the Catholic Writers Guild booth
  7. With someone wearing a Catholic t-shirt 
  8. With someone who has been on EWTN
  9. At the booth that is giving out your favorite freebie: this is not at all so I might find out more quickly who has the little glass bowl of Lindt truffles.
  10. Of course, with Paper Pope.  BTW, that doesn’t count double for #4.  Paper Pope is in a class by himself.


  1. Lisa Hendey has offered 1 signed copy each of Chime Travelers Book 1 and Book 2 to the first person at CMN to post a selfie taken at the Franciscan Media booth and tagged #ChimeTravelers and #CMNSelfie2015. Post in a comment below or tag and Tweet at moi (@erinmcop on Twitter and @erinmccolecupp on Instagram) and I’ll make sure she sees it.
  2. Maria Morera Johnson is offering a copy of her forthcoming My Awesome Beautiful Badass Book of Saints to the first person to post a selfie at the Ave Maria Press Booth at CMN! Post it in a comment below or tag it with #CMNSelfie2015 and tag/Tweet at moi (@erinmcop on Twitter and @erinmccolecupp on Instagram) and I’ll make sure she sees it.
  3. Karina Fabian has offered 1 signed copy each of Infinite Space, Infinite God I & II to the first person to post a selfie taken at the Catholic Writers Guild Booth with an officer!  Tag and Tweet at moi (@erinmcop on Twitter and @erinmccolecupp on Instagram) and I’ll make sure she sees it.
  4. Paper Pope Contest from Franciscan Media: Post a selfie with Paper Pope (a Pope Francis cutout) by11:59pm EDT on Friday, July 24, tagged with #CMNSelfie2015  and tweet/tag me  (@erinmcop on Twitter and @erinmccolecupp on Instagram) and you could win an amazing Franciscan Media Prize Pack, thanks to our friends at Franciscan Media.  [A winner’s name will be drawn from all the paper pope selfies thusly tagged.]  
  5. The first USA resident to comment below with a link to a blog post that includes ALL TEN of the selfies above will WIN a signed copy of my Don’t You Forget About Me and a copy of Melanie Rigney’s Sisterhood of Saints and the hot off the presses Blessed Are You: Finding Inspiration from Our Sisters in Faith.
  6. The first winner to comment below with a link to a blog post that includes ALL TEN of the selfies above who does NOT reside in the USA will WIN a copy of my ebook Working Mother.  

Help spread the word!  Pin! FB share! Tweet! Instagram! Etc!