Seven Quick Takes from the Catholic Marketing Network Trade Show


Lights! Camera! Seven Quick Takes with Kelly over at This Ain’t the Lyceum!


Don’t you forget to post your selfies on all over the darned place: #CMNSelfie2015.  Take a special look at all the contests involved.  The easiest perhaps is the Paper Pope Selfie Contest sponsored by Franciscan Media!

Here are my pics from the CMN Selfie Scavenger Hunt! Yes, there will be more than 7.  You’ll be okay with that, right?


Buying a book:

Here I am buying by trading with Stephanie Landsem: her The Well for my Don’t You Forget About Me.  The Well comes HIGHLY recommended, so go do the thing.


Getting breakfast: 


This was taken in the parking lot right before lipstick heading to Jersey.  Wawa Coffee > Sheetz ANYTHING.


With Someone Wearing a Hat:

IMG_5656They say you never forget your first Doctor, so imagine my absolute delight when I discovered that my first Doctor was at the CMN Trade Show!  He’s not going by John Smith, though.  His current alias is Peter Ingemi, aka Da Tech Guy. He does all sorts of radio and media stuff.  He interviewed a number of folks at the show, including Ellen Gable, already up.  More are coming, including Carolyn Astfalk and myself.  Anyway, John Smith, Da Tech Guy is a good egg, all around nice guy.


With Someone Wearing a Religious Habit:


This nice, friendly Cistercian and his mom were kind enough to pose with me.  Is it just me, or does he look old enough to still need training wheels?  Seriously, though, love the hope borne through all these young vocations to the religious life… and the faithful moms and dads who point the way.


With an Artisan at His/Her Booth:


Here I am with Coleen Rossi, the owner of Trinity Cross Collection jewelry.  The design of these charms, earrings and more are to honor to Trinity as well as the suffering Christ endured on the Cross.  Whenever you move, the necklace gives a gentle ring, reminding you of all the Trinity is and does and ever will be.


At the Catholic Writers Guild Booth:


Here I am with Rebecca, the CWG conference volunteer coordinator.  You can’t tell by this picture, but she’s also taller than I am.  This makes me very happy.  It also makes me happy that she’ll be hanging out a shingle for editing services, so look for her info showing up here at Tomato Pie in short order.


With Someone in a Catholic T-Shirt:


Yeah, ignore my expression here.  In fact, ignore my expression in most of these.  Anyway, this fine gentleman is Mark Nelson of Nelson Fine Arts & Gifts out of Steubenville.  I believe they distribute Catholic To The Max shirts and all other manner of goodness.


With Someone Who Has Been On EWTN


Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life let me catch him in the middle of eating an ice cream bar!  Now that’s generosity.


At the Booth Giving Out Your Favorite Freebie:


Eternal Lite Flameless Candles was giving out Krackel bars.


And, Finally, Paper Pope:


AKA Flat Francis.  Thumbs up, Papa.  Thumbs Up.

PS: Don’t you forget to post your selfies on all over the darned place: #CMNSelfie2015.  Take a special look at all the contests involved.  The easiest perhaps is the Paper Pope Selfie Contest sponsored by Franciscan Media!


It’s time for Seven Quick Takes Friday over at Jennifer’s Conversion Diary.

Quick Take the First: with presenter Lisa Hendey

Quick Take the Second: with Ellen Gable, who’s been to CMN/CWG longer than I have

Quick Take the Third: Laura Nelson and I with newbie to us and the conference, Robert King

Quick Take the Fourth: PAPER POPE!!!!!!!!!!1!11111

Quick Take the Fifth: Deanna Klingel and I with a bookseller, a rep from Catholic Book Exchange

Quick Take the Sixth: with Rusty of Comments from the Koala

Quick Take the Seventh: with a paper pope AND a koala! HA!

BONUS #1: Ann Margaret Lewis and Ellen Gable awarding the Catholic Arts and Letters Award to Arthur Powers for A Hero for the People. Congratulations!

BONUS #2: Free ice cream at Jason’s Deli


On your mark. Get set. CONFERENCE!

Tomorrow I will join the number of writers, editors, booksellers, and other creative Catholic types making the annual journey to the Catholic Marketing Network Trade Show.

Included in that event is the Catholic Writers Conference LIVE!
CWC live

Online registration is closed, but you can drop by the CWG registration booth for on-site registration. Did that register? I’m typing this on a register. Sorry. Just trying to register how many times I can use the word “register.”

This is my fourth year going, and I’ve never been more excited. I have to admit, though. I wasn’t always this delighted to be making this trip. The first year I learned that this event existed, I was just there to explore, kids in tow, and get the lay of the land. The highlight was meeting Gandalf John Michael Talbot.

The following year was far more nerve-wracking. I was about to room with an editor who had my manuscript in hand and thus wielded the power to crush my dreams yet again. And that room was CROWDED: four to a room. I think we were all too poor to complain. And if I wanted to escape, well, too darned bad, because home was a plane ride away. I was terrified, kind of like this:


Long story short, I learned that if you go to a writers’ conference, you’ll be SURROUNDED by introverts, so relax. We all understand.  Last year I was able to offer that sentiment to other newbies, so if you’re a newbie this year, you get to relax, too. Besides, where else can you go to network professionally then decompress in front of the Blessed Sacrament?

This year, I won’t be handing out free food…

Author Erin McCole Cupp distributing slices of Philadelphia-style tomato pie at the 2013 Catholic Marketing Network Trade Show

Author Erin McCole Cupp distributing slices of Philadelphia-style tomato pie at the 2013 Catholic Marketing Network Trade Show

But I will be stalking Catholic authors who are stalking Catholic authors…


…scoring book swag…


… hanging with Paper Pope…


…and La Guadalupana Papel…


I’ll also be joining with Ellen Gable and Karen Kelly Boyce as part of a talk on Wednesday on the Sorrowful Mysteries of Rejection. Come check it out, if you can. I can also guarantee you that I’ll be doing this at least once a day…


…because awkward is how I awkward.  Will you be there?  Would you like to participate in a CMN selfie scavenger hunt? I can’t wait to see you!