Sabbath Rest Book Talk

Sabbath Rest Book Talk: a monthly live interactive event where we talk about the value of fiction in developing compassion, empathy, and healthy relationships

[Girl Reading on a Divan, Isaac Israëls [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons]

Empathy, thoughtfulness, deep connectivity, peace… are you wondering why these traits seems to be so absent from how our culture trains us to interact with each other?  Are you tired of internet debates that are oppressively heavy on facts and devoid of compassion?  Do you wish there were some way to spread understanding without feeding into the harshness of conflict? Do you hope to find rest from the harried distractions of daily life?  Do you want to share that rest with others?

One Sunday evening each month, please join me for an interactive event where we’ll talk about the role of reading fiction in the development of the whole person, the healing of relationships, and the revitalization of the human mind, heart and soul.


Carolyn Astfalk, co-host of SABBATH REST BOOK TALK #bookreview #sabbath #fiction #value RebeccaWillenFirst of all, I’ll be adding asome co-hosts.  Both Carolyn Astfalk and Rebecca Willen will be joining me for March 5th’s SRBT.  Also, we’ll be hosting the event over on my YouTube Channel as a YouTube Live Event.  You can still comment and play along, of course.  Lastly, I’ll be announcing the book selections and focus ahead of time, so you can read along and join the discussion a little more easily and thoughtfully.  To keep on top of each month’s SRBT selections, do sign up for my monthly newsletter.

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Archived 2016 Sabbath Rest Book Talks

 Sabbath Rest Book Talk: Where Fiction is Good for You! Join us for a monthly video exchange on how fiction makes us more human.