Would you like a funny, honest, dynamic (and humble) speaker for your next event?  

Consider inviting Erin!  She might even bring you free food.  

Topics include:

  • “Faithful Fiction: Lemonade for Culture Warriors”
  • “The Lost Princess: Truth, Forgiveness, and the Abuse Survivor”
  • “Entertaining the Catholic Conscience: JPII’s Letter to Artists”
  • “The Infertile Catholic”
  • “Bullying:  The Thriving Survivor”
  • “The Timeless Meaning of Meatless Fridays”
  • “Saints to Help You Get Unstuck in Writing and/or Life”
  •  “A Fiction Ministry:  Using Stories in the New Evangelization”
  • “Spinning Plates:  Life Management for Super Busy Moms”
  • “The Five Stages of Homeschooling”
  • “What is a Lay Dominican Anyway?”
  • “The Joyful Mysteries of the Writer/Editor Relationship”
  • “The Sorrowful Mysteries of Rejection”
  • “A Writer Prepares:  Using Method Acting Principles to Build Believable Characters”

General writing and marketing topics, and more.  Click here to learn more about Erin.

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