Chaplet of Gratitude

As part of my trauma recovery, I have been working on a stronger practice of gratitude in my life. One Sunday, after receiving Eucharist at Mass, I thought to use the beads of the Rosary to see how many things for which I could manage to thank God… and that was the start of a Chaplet of Gratitude and Surrender.

The 8am Eastern Clubhouse Chaplet is on hiatus for the time being. In the meantime…

You can also listen to a replay without having to open or join the Clubhouse app!

Here’s how we pray:

First, grab a rosary (or use your fingers).

Begin with:

One Our Father, to honor His heavenly providence

One Hail Mary, to honor our model of grateful surrender

One Glory Be, to praise the God who rules us all

One Apostle’s Creed, to honor the purpose of God’s children.

For each decade:

On the Our Father bead, pray, “Jesus, I surrender all to You. Take care of everything.”

On each Hail Mary bead, thank God for something for which you are grateful

On the Glory Be knot, pray, “Jesus, I trust in You.”

To close:

Pray nine times, “Jesus, I surrender all to You. Take care of everything.”

Pray one Memorare, entrusting all our needs to the woman to whom God entrusted His Son.