First Disciples Project

20140429-140841.jpgCome, Holy Spirit.  Fill the hearts of Your faithful, and enkindle in us the fire of Your Love…

The First Disciples Project is an effort to teach girls ages 8-15 the primitive skills that Mary, Mother of Jesus, would have known as a girl growing up in Herodian Israel.  The goal of the First Disciples Project is to give girls, working alongside their mothers, a hands-on experience of the kind of life lived by Mary and St. Elizabeth, the first two women to believe in and learn from Jesus–the actual first  disciples.  How hard was their daily life?  What values did this hard work teach them?  How did their life and times help them grow in faith, hope, and love?  How can we model them more closely on our own faith journeys?  How can we grow in the confidence needed to say “YES” to God?  These are some of the questions the First Disciples Project aims to discover.

Some of the skills we’ll experience:

  • Fire starting, building, tending & safety
  • Cooking over open fire
  • Fiber arts:  spinning, weaving, sewing
  • Soap making
  • Navigating by the stars
  • How to make and use an oil lamp
  • …and so much more

Want to read about some of our adventures as we go along drafting the First Disciples books?

Do you have girls ages 8-15? Would you be interested in joining the First Disciples Project Beta Tester Team? Contact me at emccolecupp at g mail dawt com!



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