New [Recovery-related] Job, Course Release, Freebies/Discounts

Catholic In Recovery, Webinar for Catholics Healing from Disordered Eating, and Theology of the Body for Food Addicts

Here’s the video version of the update:

Bullet point summary

->New haircut!
->New job! I get to work with @catholicinrecovery to share God’s good news for food addicts!
->17Nov 7:30pm Eastern I’m giving a CIR webinar: holiday self-care plan for food addicts
->Computer in the shop=providential course launch delay
->FWG launching 5Jan2023; webinar cohort starts 12Jan 7:30pm Eastern. Sign up for updates at bio link
->FOOD ADDICTS: watch this space for pop-up free binge trigger processing tool demo
->What do you need today to help you detach from food & body image obsession?

[Barely edited transcript of video above for those who don’t want to watch the whole thing.]

Folks. I’m back. It’s a Erin McCole Cupp. I’m filled with good. And so are you. And I have missed interacting with you guys.

My computer was literally in the shop, which put the release of filled with good on hold, but computer’s back and it’s working.

So here’s an update on what you’ve missed.

I joined on the content team for Catholic in Recovery. You can visit them at

It is an organization that unites 12 step recovery from addiction with the sacramental understanding of God’s mercy in the Catholic Church. And I’m really, really on fire
for the work I get to do for them.

You’ll get to see blog posts from me as well as eventually a video series specifically for food addicts in 12 Step Recovery that uses the principles of Catholic spirituality.

You can also just be for people who are 12 step curious. Uou should be able to get that on their forthcoming platform called CIR+. You can find out more about that

Also on that note November 17th, mark your calendars, with Catholic in Recovery, I’m going to be leading a live event webinar specifically for food addicts focusing
on issues of self-care through the holidays.

So that we can not just treat ourselves but treat ourselves well.

On to Filled With Food: the stuff that’s, that’s mine that I’m working on.

I have the delay in the October launch. I have reworked the launch trajectory.

We’re looking at a January 5th 2023 release date for a cohort that starts meeting on January 12th.

For our live webinars, we’re going to meet for six weeks and then do a follow up three weeks after that.

So we will be starting our year filled with good and then using those tools getting into the beginning of Lent.

So I think the timing for that is actually: God had that in mind.

In the meantime, I’m going to be making some blog posts and videos that will provide you with validation from my experience as someone who has struggled and still struggles with compulsive food behaviors.

You’ll also get to see some behind the scenes stuff of my working on the course, including body image issues, because here I am on video as somebody who has a lot of body image insecurity.

So I’m looking forward to sharing those tools and that work with you.

You’ll also keep an eye out because I’m going to be doing pop up lives on all of my socials in the coming weeks, especially leading up to the release, of Filled With Good, where you will get to see me work through my eating triggers live, using the tools that I offer in Filled With Good.

So a schedule is on the way for where you’ll find me popping up on socials each day of the week.

I’ll also be offering all sorts of freebies and discounts.

So mark your calendars.

January 5th, we’re also going to do the intro webinar that you would pay for January 12th as part of the Filled With Good Package.

I’m actually going to do that live on January 5th for free for so you can kind of see what you’re getting into.

I know I’m missing something and that’s where you come in.

If you are someone who struggles with food and body image, what is your biggest pain point today?

Where are you hurting the most?

Can you pick just one area?

I’m here to tell you that there’s hope and healing, but for me, first, I needed to heal the lie that my pain isn’t getting seen, heard and believed.

Because until I experienced having my pain received and mattering to someone, there was no diet, restriction, or spiritual weight loss plan that was going to break through the hold that food had on me.

So what’s your pain today?

What’s inside of you that’s crying out to be heard?

Because I know the Lord hears the cry of the poor.

I know that now I’ve experienced it myself.

And the amazing thing about my recovery is that through it and through sharing it with others, I experience the spirit of the Lord being upon me to bring glad tidings to the poor and to proclaim liberty to captives.

I am looking forward to sharing and experiencing this acceptance and this freedom with you

Comment below with your pain points.

Comment with what you need.

Let’s get in conversation.

I’m really looking forward to serving you.

God bless.

Quick Reminders:

Filled With Good: Theology of the Body for Food Addicts is not a Catholic diet or even a spiritual weight loss plan. Filled With Good offers tools from St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body to connect us with God’s compassionate love as we seek freedom from binge eating, compulsive overeating and other compulsive food behaviors. Find out more at the Filled With Good course page.

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