This Week’s [pretty Catholic] Trauma Survivor Resource Roundup

Making sense of your trauma process (Catholic style)

Inclusion does not equal endorsement of concept, source, writer, etc.

Update: My Domestic Church has taken over the weekly 7 Quick Takes. I’ll try linking up there.

Is the sun finally peeking through? Maybe it’s time to find your cycle-breaking Beatitude or take Self-Control 101. Image © Erin McCole Cupp 2022
  1. Wanna break the cycle of using food for anything other than enjoyable fuel? here are 5 tips for talking to kids about weight and eating.
  2. On a similar note (warning: I’m in the process of niche-ing down to help you all get Filled With Good), here’s a study on the impact of maternal influences on childhood obesity.
  3. Have you shared your story or kept it hidden? Why do survivors stay silent.
  4. I know as Catholics we generally want to be extremely cautious of spiritual practices that involve other gods, however obliquely or well-intentioned it may be. By sharing this article, I’m not promoting yoga, but I’m curious about it–if it’s providing clinically demonstrable healing, is there no way of baptizing it? Another one for the research nerds out there: a recent study on yoga as a therapeutic tool for emotional dysregulation in veterans.
  5. Are you identifying with symptoms of narcissistic abuse but looking back on your life, thinking, “But none of my attachment figures were these big, grandiose show-offs!” Here are 3 ways to spot covert narcissists before they strike.
  6. The myth of survivor solidarity: Why it’s so hard for us to all just get along.
  7. Ending with your weekly reminder that All Things New: Breaking the Cycle and Raising a Joyful Family is available for purchase. Already read your copy? Leave a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads (please, leave a review–it takes courage, but it helps the people who need the message find it), and don’t forget to link up with this month’s An Open Book from Carolyn Astfalk & Catholic Mom.

This week’s AV: It’s harsh out there, especially for survivors of family abuse and dysfunction. Here are some affirmations for you–with love from me.

Thanks for reading, listening & watching, fellow image-bearers. Now give My Domestic Church a look-see.


  1. Have you heard of SoulCore, the Catholic alternative to yoga? I met a woman who teaches this class at a parish in my city.  SoulCore | Body Mind Soul

    | | | | | |


    | | | | SoulCore | Body Mind Soul

    Integrating prayers of the rosary with core strengthening and functional movements to nourish body, soul, and re… |



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