Challenge: Sabotage Your Self-sabotage

The statistic I heard is that most New Year’s resolutions flop within three weeks.

We are in the third week of 2022.

Are you losing your resolve? Or is it already gone?

This week I’m going to be offering quick video lessons and assignments to help you get your resolve back–or to find it for the first time.

These are tips I’ve used and have been using to lose and keep off 100lbs of weight from binge eating disorder. Sharing these tips is my gift to you.

Each day I’ll post a lesson on one weird resolve-building tip in the morning, a tiny assignment to help you start using that tool, and then at 5pm EST, I’ll be going on Facebook Live on my author page to be available for discussion about that day’s tool.

Access the daily lesson, assignment, AND the live discussion on my Facebook page.

Access just the daily lesson and assignment on my Instagram.

Access just the video lesson on my TikTok.

Comment here or in any of the above places with your questions, experience, and concerns.

If you want more tips on how to live life with more power, love, and self-control, especially with the help of the Beatitudes, you might want to pick up a copy of All Things New: Breaking the Cycle & Raising a Joyful Family.

If you’re sure you want to give that a try, for this week (January 17-24, 2022) I’m offering anyone who supports me on ko-fi for a minimum of $10 a signed copy of All Things New (US mailing addresses only).

Not sure if All Things New would be a good fit? Take the “What’s your cycle-breaking Beatitude?” quiz, and I’ll send you a FREE chapter of ATN personally selected by me for you based on your individual quiz results. You have nothing to lose except maybe some habits that are keeping you from living a life of power, love and self-control, so… why not?

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