Coming Soon… Heard Mentality

Coming soon to an Instagram, Facebook page, and TikTok near you…

Feeling lost?

I’m going to be challenging you to… GET HEARD!

In an effort to create a place where people can connect in healing with others walking the cycle-breaker’s walk, January 17-20, I’m going to offer a TOTALLY FREE cycle-breaking 5 Day Challenge:


Each morning, on my Facebook and Instagram pages, I’ll post a scripture verse, a 3-minute video lesson (the video itself I’ll post on TikTok), and an assignment for participants to complete, designed to help us break our patterns of self-sabotage. Then we’ll do a Facebook Live Chat on my author page daily at 5:00pm Eastern Time.

During this challenge, I’ll be offering a signed paperback copy of All Things New to anyone who supports me on Ko-Fi for US$15 or more (US Mailing addresses only–international addresses will receive a copy sent through Amazon as well as a graphic you can print out at home and stick inside your copy). 

Why “Heard Mentality,” you ask? Because God wants us in His “heard.” Nope, not a misspelling. There’s so much focus on our need to hear God–and that’s a good focus! That said, there’s also so much woundedness teaching us the lie that God does not hear us.

Lies harm. Truth heals. If you’re feeling lost, let’s get heard together. I hope you’ll join me starting January 17.

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