7QT for Catholic Trauma Survivors 19Nov2021

In case it’s news, Kelly Mantoan of Kelly’s Seven Quick Takes over at This Ain’t the Lyceum has decided that it’s time to put an end to the 7QT weekly linkup. As stated previously, however, I’m going to keep this going. So here ya go.

This Week’s Resources for Catholic Trauma Survivors

Are you hiding or hunting, watching or sheltering? Maybe it’s time to find your cycle-breaking Beatitude. Image: Unsplash
  1. FemCatholic has a salient piece for those of us who medicated our trauma with eating behaviors that impacted our health: Fat Bias is Causing Women Like Me to Be Misdiagnosed.
  2. Depression and Trauma: What’s the link?
  3. For anyone who’s chosen to protect themselves through going no contact with a past abuser in this age of social media, a writer at The Verge asks Should Abuse Survivors Have to Disappear from the Internet?
  4. When you’ve been in as much pain as the average complex trauma survivor has been, it’s easy to pour our energy into fixing all the pain we see. Rose Folsom at Catholic Mom writes about How to Listen Like Jesus.
  5. Waiting for justice. Waiting to be heard. Waiting to be safely loved. What it means to wait for the Lord is Leonard J. DeLorenzo’s topic at OSV.
  6. “Think you might be overdoing it here, Dad?” “Russ, when was the last time I overdid anything?” As we ramp into Christmas, here’s an old piece from The Onion (yes, That Onion) about the dangers of overfunctioning as illustrated in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.
  7. Ending with your weekly reminder that All Things New: Breaking the Cycle and Raising a Joyful Family is available for purchase. Already read your copy? Leave a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads (please, leave a review–it takes courage, but it helps the people who need the message find it), and don’t forget to link up with this month’s An Open Book from Carolyn Astfalk & Catholic Mom.

For our AV, here are some tips for holiday parties! (Psst, please follow me on TikTok for wry Catholic mental health humor & the occasional serious support.)

Thanks for reading, listening & watching, fellow image-bearers.

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