Sale-ing through a crisis

Yeah, I want you to have this book, but not for the reason you think. I’m a day behind posting this, because my family is facing some mental health challenges. I can’t go into more, because it’s not my story to tell, but I can ask for prayers and patience. I can also attest to the power of resurrection joy alive and real through intentional trauma recovery.

As I’m now in a place to support a loved one going through an excruciatingly painful time, I won’t lie–I hear the scripts, passed to me by own own parents, telling me all the cruel, dismissive, invalidating things I should be saying to someone in pain.

I hear the scripts, let them cry their pain in their twisted way… and I stop them. Those scripts just play out like old tapes, but they do not come out my mouth. By God’s grace and for His glory, they are mere figments of memory. I do not let them become real presence.

It’s nothing short of a miracle. While I’ve done my fair share of perpetuating negative parenting cycles, I see the glorious changes that come from making myself teachable, boundary-blessed, emotionally connected, and so much more than I was taught to be.

If you have experienced the pain that comes from wanting to be a better parent after living through a childhood rife with harm, oh, my sweet sib… it’s more than just a title on a pretty cover from some holier than thou papist publisher. I promise you: God makes ALL THINGS NEW!

I could not have seen our family’s current crisis when I sat down 3 years ago to write this book, but I want to go back and hug the mom I was then and tell her, “You are about to learn so many tools, and they will break your heart and give you and your children wings. You will be amazed at the depths of love God is about to show you.”

I want you to have this book because I want to say those words to YOU, TODAY. All Things New with Our Sunday Visitor Books is on sale at 50% off through December 2. Go to my bio/about link, click on the book cover, and check out the description, reviews, etc. If you’re still unsure, take the “cycle-breaking beatitude quiz,” and based on your answers, I’ll send you a hand-picked chapter of All Things New, for free.

If I could, I would put this joy-on-the-cross feeling in a bottle for you. I can’t. But I can offer you this book. Pray for me & mine. Know I pray for you and yours. I get that this is not something most folks want to talk about in public, so don’t tag anybody in the comments, but if you know someone who might benefit from this book, please send this post to them in a private message.

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