7QT for Catholic Trauma Survivors 3Sep2021

Here’s me, doing my bit to participate weekly in Kelly’s Seven Quick Takes over at This Ain’t the Lyceum.

So here’s…

This Week’s Resources for Catholic Trauma Survivors

Takes. Best described as quick. Seven of them.

Are you blooming or maybe going into dormancy? Is one better than the other? Maybe it’s time to find your rut-busting Beatitude. Image: Unsplash
  1. My dear Christine Johnson is at Catholic Mom talking about “Jesus, I trust in You… sort of.”
  2. We all know narcissism is bad. Alas, just doing the opposite of the narcissists in your life wreaks is own havoc. Here’s an article at Your Tango on Echoism.
  3. Imposter Syndrome is fancy pants talk for “I have to be enough.” Lindsay Schlege of Quote Me wrote the linked article over at Catholic Mom.
  4. Trauma brings changes, to say the least. Hillary Ibara is at Catholic Mom talking about Christ’s Mercy.
  5. I regularly hear from people, “My story isn’t like yours, but I can relate to [fill in the blank with some maladaptive coping mechanism].” Well, maybe trauma doesn’t look the way you expect it to, and maybe its effects manifest in ways you overlook.
  6. Carmen Lappe is at Catholic Mom with a story so many trauma survivors can relate to in a special way: Can Anger Be Virtuous?
  7. Ending with your weekly reminder that All Things New: Breaking the Cycle and Raising a Joyful Family is available for purchase. Already read your copy? Leave a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads, and don’t forget to link up with this month’s An Open Book from Carolyn Astfalk & Catholic Mom.

For this week’s media, I’m sharing my chat with Anne DeSantis of Patchwork Hear Ministry’s Sewing Hope podcast!

And now go give Kelly and her 7QTs a look see!

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