7QT for Catholic Trauma Survivors 5Feb2021

Here’s me, doing my bit to participate weekly in Kelly’s Seven Quick Takes over at This Ain’t the Lyceum.

So here’s…

This Week’s Resources for Catholic Trauma Survivors

Takes. Best described as quick. Seven of them.

Check out the link in #1 below, and hopefully you’ll soon see how the tabernacle can help Catholics de-enmesh from all those people whose emotions we wrongfully take on. Image via Wikimedia Commons.
  1. ICYMI, I’ve been having a great time on TikTok. Join me, and together we can rule the galaxy spread the Good News that getting mentally healthy supports and empowers our efforts to get spiritually holy.
  2. Fr. Edward Looney is in the middle of an online novena to Our Lady of Lourdes (Feast Day: February 11). Every day at 7:45amEastern, he posts an interview with a devotee to this title of Our Lady and shares a Rosary with that person, along with novena prayers for the day. I was honored to be part of Day 2 of this novena and shared my Lourdes bath story there. Please join in these prayers for healing of all kinds.
  3. Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families (emphasis mine–you don’t need to have had alcoholism in your home to need the freeing message this fellowship provides) has some awesome, brief prayers for the traumatized soul seeking healing. Get them here.
  4. The title says it all: How journals kept by priest accused of pedophilia could help abuse survivors break free. Okay, maybe not all: abuse survivors often ask ourselves questions like, “Did my abuser know that the abuse was horribly wrong?” This insight can give a fuller picture of the truth, including the truth that abuse of others is, IMHO, another type of addiction, a sickness borne of emotional intoxication. ACA (in number 3 above) has taught me that it’s not the substance that’s the problem in the family disease of addiction: it’s the selfishness. [For the record, as a recovering food addict, I’m working at recovering from my own selfishness, so I own it.]
  5. Anxiety, depression, poor sleeping, miserable immune system, desperation to isolate, fear of authority… wondering why you act like an abuse survivor even though you can’t remember a single thing in your life that you could qualify as abuse or trauma? You might be the product of intergenerational trauma.
  6. Virual reality is helping veterans overcome their PTSD: I’m wondering how much this relates to the sensory experience of modalities like EMDR. Gut reaction: EMDR seems way gentler and personalized. Has anybody reading this had experience with using either VR, EMDR, or both? Can you speak to this?
  7. Scapegoating in dysfunctional families–a concise, beginner’s look at the whys and hows, so that if this phenomenon has touched your life in any way (including if you’ve been the Golden Child, which I think is even harder to break free from than the Scapegoat role, because GC comes with perceived benefits), you can approach those wounds for healing.

Finally, since I like to sign off with some audiovisual, Christy Wilkens shared her trauma survivor theme song with me over on Twitter after I shared mine. Hers is way holier than mine. 🙂

And now go give Kelly and her 7QTs a look see!


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