7QT for Catholic Trauma Survivors 6Nov2020

Here’s me, doing my bit to participate weekly in Kelly’s Seven Quick Takes over at This Ain’t the Lyceum.

So here’s…

This Week’s Resources for Catholic Trauma Survivors

Takes. Best described as quick. Seven of them.

Visit the cemeteries this month, people, and get them that plenary. Image via Unsplash.
  1. We are heading into the holiday season, when people want to give you the gift of their lack of meekness. Don’t set boundaries other people can honor: set boundaries you can honor.
  2. Childhood trauma: The kids are not alright, and part of the reason might be epigenetics.
  3. People die with this secret” is about a restaurant owner and author opening up places where sexual abuse survivors can find safe connection and healing.
  4. Having trouble understanding emotional responsibility? Responsibility means “ability to respond.”
  5. In a fitting post for the wake of Hallowtide, The Spiral Strega writes, “You can forgive someone and demand accountability from them, pursue legal action against them, or even speak publicly about how they have harmed you.” Read more in Rosemary for Remembrance: Ancestral Trauma.
  6. And for those of you worried about repeating cycles, Accidental Talmudist has this article on Albert Goering–yes, related to that Goering, called “A Tale of Two Brothers.”
  7. Want gospel journaling prompts for trauma survivors? If you missed it, please sign up here to get yours free through the end of November, 20202.

Also, let me know how I may pray for you? Meanwhile, make sure you give Kelly & the SQT crew a look see.

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