Pilgrimage/Pèlerinage 2018

Leave a prayer request for us to carry with us on our 2081 pilgrimage to Tyburn, Walsingham, Lourdes and Knock*

Now that we have arranged for housesitting and such, I feel more secure letting you know that our family will be making a pilgrimage this August, including stops at:

Please comment below with any prayer intentions you would like our family to carry for you as we make this pilgrimage.  We would appreciate your prayers as well, as we’ve never done anything like this before, and we are going without a guide… and my French is very, very rusty.  Also, please pray that, if it be God’s will, we get to experience the baths at Lourdes.

*Image Credits, L-R
  • “London, Tyburn Convent, Martyrs shrine with a replica of Tyburn Tree” by John D. Smith, Cwmbran, ower of lastwelshmartyr.blogspot via Wikimedia Commons
  • “Priory ruins, Walsingham UK” by Richard Croft via Geograph Project/Wikimedia Commons
  • “la grotte de Massabielle a Lourdes” by Emmanuel Brunner via Wikimedia Commons
  • “Knock Shrine,Co.Mayo,Ireland” by John Geyo via Wikimedia Commons



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