Pilgrimage/Pèlerinage 2018

Leave a prayer request for us to carry with us on our 2081 pilgrimage to Tyburn, Walsingham, Lourdes and Knock*

Now that we have arranged for housesitting and such, I feel more secure letting you know that our family will be making a pilgrimage this August, including stops at:

Please comment below with any prayer intentions you would like our family to carry for you as we make this pilgrimage.  We would appreciate your prayers as well, as we’ve never done anything like this before, and we are going without a guide… and my French is very, very rusty.  Also, please pray that, if it be God’s will, we get to experience the baths at Lourdes.

*Image Credits, L-R
  • “London, Tyburn Convent, Martyrs shrine with a replica of Tyburn Tree” by John D. Smith, Cwmbran, ower of lastwelshmartyr.blogspot via Wikimedia Commons
  • “Priory ruins, Walsingham UK” by Richard Croft via Geograph Project/Wikimedia Commons
  • “la grotte de Massabielle a Lourdes” by Emmanuel Brunner via Wikimedia Commons
  • “Knock Shrine,Co.Mayo,Ireland” by John Geyo via Wikimedia Commons



  1. What a wonderful trip God has planned for you! Safe travels and thank you for all your prayers! Please pray for the Scott family and for conversions in our families. God bless!

  2. Have a wonderful trip. Thanks for the prayers. Please pray for a special intention for our family. God Bless!
    Mary Ellen

  3. God bless you on his special trip. Please remember our family and friends in your intentions and for healing in my back.
    Thank you,
    Mary Corrigan

  4. Please pray for my kids. May God keep them safe and bring them closer to Him. (He may need to leave the 99 in a safe spot for a bit to take care of this … )

  5. Sounds like an amazing experience, Erin. Wishing you and your family safe travels and open hearts so God can fill them with His grace and blessings along the way. Please keep our family in prayer and offer up the intentions of all of God’s precious children. Thank you!

  6. With deep gratitude for taking our prayers, I ask you to Please pray for our marriage and family, especially for a softening and conversion of heart. What a wonderful experience for your family, and I’m sure your French will be perfect! God bless you and Bon Voyage!

  7. How wonderful for your family! Thanks and praise to The Holy Spirit for the inspiration to start your adventure with your Rosary blog also. Thank you for sharing and for taking us with you in Prayer. I hope you see Catherine Wiley who started Catholic Grandparents Association, she is inspiring. She asked us to start a chapter in our home Parish, St. Monica in Berwyn PA, which we have, so I will ask our members to keep your family in our Prayers, if you will pray for our chapter’s success here in PA. Thank you and have fun! God speed.

  8. Wishing you and yours God’s abundant blessings on your special trip. Lourdes is where my son was healed from epilepsy after 10 years of struggle. Walsingham is another beautiful experience. Pls pray for a suitable spouse for my daughter and healing for me. Thanks

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