Charlotte Bronte’s 201st: Celebrate 7 ways {7QT}


Happy 201st Birthday, Charlotte Brontë!

7 ways to celebrate Charlotte Bronte's Birthday!

Mrs. Bell Nichols! Currer Bell! The most esteemed author of Jane Eyre, Vilette, Shirley, and co-author of myriad tales from Angria! She is 201 years young, and many more to her!  Here are seven ways you can get down with your bad, Gothic romance-loving self and celebrate the day!


Creep down from your attic and let loose with your bad self!

#1 Way to Celebrate Charlotte Bronte's Birthday: Escape Your Attic Hideaway & Let Loose With Your Bad Self!

Has someone been keeping you in the dark? Not letting you honor that burning fire within your soul? Put a stop to that smothering of your wild, feminine self and rip it up!


Have a tea party and invite your guests to play “Pin the Madwoman in the Attic!”*

*Please see printable for disclaimer regarding the humane treatment of individuals suffering from actual mental illness.


Knock someone off his high horse.

#3 Way to Celebrate Charlotte Bronte's Birthday: Knock Someone Off His High Horse! See this and more at

Be assured the knock-ee will call you in to his study to question you at length on various subjects, including whether or not you think him handsome.

You don’t, of course.


Trick your crush into thinking you’re a travelling fortune teller, and tell really passive aggressive fortunes.

How to Celebrate Charlotte Bronte's Birthday: Dress as a Fortune Teller and Tell Passive Aggressive Fortunes. For more, visit

Not sure if your plot to make bae jelly is working? There’s only one way to find out.  It’s this one.  The fake fortune teller thing.  Works every time.


Have a heartbreakingly romantic reunion with your favorite Byronic hero.

Celebrate Charlotte Bronte's Birthday With a Romantic Reunion! For more, see



Get to know Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell!

Celebrate Charlotte Bronte's Birthday April 21 with these ideas at

Have you seen To Walk Invisible Yet? I have not.  Your thoughts? I’ve heard both good and bad on it.  Still, I do hope to catch it soon (once tech week for the play I’m directing is over). I think I should wait for a dreary day when the wind is howling across the moors and the weather is so bad that only Lowood School would send its students out to walk in it.


Get some free ebooks that remind that that we will always need Jane Eyre.

Jane Eyre LIVES: The Classic Gothic Heroine Rebooted #sf #cyberpunk THE MEMOIRS OF JANE E, FRIENDLESS ORPHAN are FREE April 17-21 in honor of Charlotte Bronte's 201st birthday!


All of The Memoirs of Jane E, Friendless Orphan ebooks are either FREE or $.99 through April 21, available on nearly every ereader platform.  What do you have to lose? No more than $1.98, that’s what.

Critics say…

Jane Eyre has long been a favorite of mine, and I enjoyed the first part of this retelling immensely. While appealing to the modern reader’s ear, it remains faithful to the truth of the original, even retaining the charm and tone of Bronte’s voice.” Carolyn Astfalk, Rightfully Ours

“I love the old classics but I also love futuristic stories. Unclaimed: The Memoirs of Jane E. combines both elements in a fun-to-read, hard-to-put-down book. With imagination and a great writing style, Erin McCole Cupp has created a powerful futuristic story that is a real thought-provoker. Science fiction readers will love the creative futuristic elements. At times humorous and other times heart-wrenching, this story delves into issues worth considering as society advances.” Theresa Linden, The Liberty Trilogy

“All of the sophistication of the original and an intriguing, futuristic spin that makes the book hard to put down.” Dawn Witzke, Path of Angels

Unclaimed is unique and exemplifies why Charlotte Bronte’s gothic romance transcends the bounds of time and place to form universal truths.” Oliva Folmar Ard, This Dread Road

“A brave and thought-provoking story rich with vivid details and authentic, memorable characters.” Therese HeckenkampAfter the Thaw


What other ways could you celebrate this famous literary birthday?

Comment below with your plans!

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