#MondayBlogs for the Too Busy Blogger

Ah, the fruits of a Lent full of unwilling penances.  I didn’t know you could stress your gallbladder to death, but it turns you can, and I did.  And that’s just one of three ways that stress seems to be affecting my health right now. No, not seems to be:  IS.

You’ll have to expect to see me less, I think.  I like blogging, but I like staying alive even more.

I wish I were the person who could do more. Apparently I’m not.  I’ve had to drop at least one commitment so far and am in the process of reducing others.  So I made a list.

What are you too busy to do?  Is it worth it, being that busy?

Care to add any of your own?


  1. OUCH. I see a few in here that apply to me.
    I need to get past my feeling of “I can’t make a dentist appointment for myself because what if TheKid has a diabetic situation and I’m trapped with a mouthful of Novocaine and a drill…”
    I did just get a haircut. First time since JULY. 5 inches gone (and no one here noticed.)

    1. My kids and I were just joking about, when I get my hair cut, my husband notices… but usually a week or two later. “Did you get your hair cut?” “Um, yeah. When the Christmas tree was still up.”

  2. If I’m too busy to do the medical tests that my doctor suspected would confirm that my chest pains are phycological reaction to stress (and not clogged arteries or failing thyroid), then I am too busy.
    True story…. so you are not alone! Hang in there, okay?!? I’ll pray for you.

      1. *Psychological. …If I could just spell in any language. [sigh] It really is anxiety which means it can be dealt with.
        Thank you, Erin. I always think that there are so many people who need prayers so much more than I do–I am really humbled by your kindness.

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