#WorthRevisit Come ‘n’ Get Your Fast, Cheap & Easy Meatless Recipes


It’s Worth Revisiting Wednesday over at Alison Gingras’s Reconciled to You.  I’m just adding to their amazing linkup some access to one of my favorite Lenten challenges ever: The 2013 Fast, Cheap and Easy Challenge.  It’s over on my old Meatless Friday blog Mrs. Mackerelsnapper, OP.  The goal that Lent was to live in solidarity with the working poor:

  • $50 weekly grocery budget for five people
  • Meals had to be meatless.
  • Meals had to be made from scratch.
  • Meals had to be prepared in 20 minutes or less.

I learned SO MUCH THAT LENT.  If you’re stuck for what to cook, I invite you to check out all those recipes, including Besan Pancakes and Carrot Salad (pictured above), where you’ll get to ponder as I did, “If I accidentally grate my thumb into the carrot salad, is that flesh meat?”

I apologize for the lack of pictures in so many of those recipes.  It was before the dawn of Pinterest.


    1. I LOVED that you both did that !!! Everyone is scrambling to feed the family this week – with 2 NONE meat meals!!! YEAH for sharing and double yeah to have you both participating in #WorthRevisit !!!

  1. I claim victory if I can keep our weekly grocery bill at $150 (although it included more than strictly groceries). God bless you for even attempting all that. Even above the money factor, I think the most challenging would be 20 minutes or less.

    1. Keep in mind, this was for a family of 2 adults, 2 kids, and 1 toddler who would talk and talk and talk and TALK and talk than eat meal. Still, those recipes might help you out in a pinch, etc.

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