7QT: The Twenty Years Young Edition


Takes.  Seven of them.  This Ain’t The Lyceum.  You know the drill.  


Twenty years ago today I met my husband.  There were fireworks that night.  No, literally, I went with a friend to see fireworks with her friends.  As that friend calls it, Happy Meetaversary to us.  Every year I’m surprised that we met on the feast of St. Thomas the Apostle, but I shouldn’t be.  Read here to find out why.  


Meetaversary, not Meat-a-versary.  It’s Friday, so we’re supposed to skip the meat, right?  Well, we live in the good ol’ USA.  EagleFreedom

And it’s not Lent, so I get to pick my Friday penance.  Go educate yourself.


 I’m the chair of the Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval Commitee.  Four times a year, I really, strongly dislike my job.  Yes, I do get to work with some very gracious, classy authors.  And then there are the others.  Frankly, I’m not naming names, but I sure am scandalized by how unprofessional some writers can be.  Writing people, a rejection will not kill you.  It won’t. I should know.  So, if you’re calling yourself a Catholic writer, act like one.  Don’t just join in the tiny Catholic writing world because, “I’m too fragile of a snowflake to endure anyone correcting me, and the publishing world is a big, scary place.” ::looks around, sees CWG:: “There’ aren’t that many of them, and the go to Hell if they’re not nice!  They’ll have to accept me!”


Yeah, we have to accept you.  We don’t have to accept unprofessional work.  We certainly don’t have to accept unprofessional attitudes.

Okay.  Rant over.  It’s been a rough week.


On the sunny side of the street, I get to work with nice writers all the time, far more often than not.  NFP week is coming up, and I’m looking for guest posts from Catholics living with subfertility, aka The Captive Panda Club.  Look for some stuff from those writers here during the week of July 19-25.


I’m also cooking up a blog hop I’m calling “Writers Read,” where writers will answer the question, “Who’re your influences?”


If you get the reference, you win a cookie.


Oh!  To do that blog hop, I’m checking out the wisdom from my friends the SITS girls, 10 Tips for a Successful Linky.


I feel like there’s something else, but I’ve run out of time.  Gotta get my kids to the rink.  If you’d like some inspiration from the world of figure skating which, funny enough, has some similarities to the world of writing: the competition, the hard work, the practice, the falls and scratches…)…

Bronze medalist Joannie Rochette of Canada performs during the figure skating exhibition gala at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia, Saturday, Feb. 27, 2010.

…visit my Pinterest board “Sk8rMom.”


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