A Late “Thank You!”

Please allow me to thank the following folks who helped out with the 99 cent Kindle promotion of Don’t You Forget About Me.


This took place TWO WHOLE WEEKS AGO!  I am a negligent ditz, yes, but I am a grateful one!

Allison Gingras

Annie Douglass Lima

Barb Szyszkiewicz

Carolyn Astfalk

Christine at Domestic Vocation

Connie Rossini

Ellen Gable

Felicia Rogers

Jeannie Ewing

John McNichol

Kate Basi

Laura Nelson

Lisa Hendey

Margaret Rose Realy

Rebecca at Our Hearts are Restless

Rhonda Ortiz

Sarah Reinhard

Tiffany the Catholic Librarian

Thank you, all!  Now go give those folks some hugs from me!

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