7 Reasons to call 855-949-1380 at 10am EDT Today

7QTlogo7QTF at TATL.  You know you want to.  

Call 855-949-1380 today, Friday, March 20, 2015 any time between 10am-11am Eastern Daylight Time.  I’ll be on Real Life Radio with Allison Gingras of A Seeking Heart.  Don’t know what to ask or talk about when you’re on a radio show about books?  Allow me to provide some suggestions.


Are you a member of The Perm Generation?  Call in with a story of your worst perm gone bad.


Are you unsure of how to pronounce the names of the main characters in Don’t You Forget About Me?  

Don't You Forget About Me FTcasefrontcover

Are names like “Whelihan,” “Marcasian,” and “Staz” throwing you off your linguistic game?  Call and ask how to pronounce them.


Did you have an experience of being bullied as a child… or were you the bully?  How did those experience impact the person you are today?  Call 855-949-1380, and let’s talk about it.


Talk to us about your experiences on The Pill.  Did your medical practicioner give you full disclosure about all the risks?  How did you feel when you got the actual scoop?  Did you ever get the actual scoop?


Are you sick of feeling like the genre fiction you read is not good enough for a good Catholic like yourself?  Allison is one of the VERY FEW Catholic podcasters I know who spends time speaking more than superficially or in passing about Catholic fiction.  Let’s talk about books that Catholics can read for real live actual fun.


Do you, like Allison, remember having dreams of becoming a famous author and then coming back to your hometown in a blaze of glory?  How have your dreams changed over the years?


Do you want to know more about being a lay Dominican?  About writing and getting published?  About the mysteries of Philadelphia area cuisine?

Do you see that?  The sauce is so thick that it just stands there like it's waiting for a bus.

Do you see that? The sauce is so thick that it just stands there like it’s waiting for a bus.

Do you have experiences to share about having brutal crimes happen too close to home?  What about your conversion, reversion, or your version of your faith story?  Do you miss anything about being a “fallen away Catholic”? Why or why not?  Call in and tell us your stories.  Do you have another question?  Call it in today at 855-949-1380!  I look forward to hearing from you!


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