#showusyourlist Mardi Gras


Today’s the day! Did you complain about 50 Shades of Anything?  Then #showusyourlist. 

Are you tired of Catholic media telling you what not to watch or read but not giving any suggestions of what is worth reading?  Have you had it with struggling to find entertainment that doesn’t downright soil your mind, heart and soul?  Do you wish that Catholic media would spend less time complaining about the popular and scandalous and more time celebrating positive entertainment?  Then #showusyourlist. 

Are you tired of having our Catholic media promote the  malnutrition of the Catholic imagination?

Then #showusyourlist. 

Check out the bloggers who’ve already shown us their lists:

Ellen Gable

Barb S. at Franciscan Mom

Allison Gingras at Reconciled to You

Carolyn Astfalk

A. K. Frailey

Sarah Reinhard over at Catholic  Mom

Christine Johnson at Domestic Vocation

Chris Weigand

…and more are on the way!  We’ve even had some RTs from a big name or two in the media world, and the day is just halfway done.  Please pray that this effort will open the eyes of our Catholic media to the importance of fiction. Computers can spit out non-fiction.  Only humans bloom through stories.

This tells me that maybe fiction is one of those things that sets us apart as being in the image and likeness of God.

This tells me that fiction is important.

St. John Paul II, playwright, poet & pope, pray for us!


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