#GraceofYes Day

We’re celebrating the release of The Grace of Yes by Lisa Hendey of CatholicMom.Com.

How do you say “Yes” to God?


“by writing novels while in my bathrobe.”  You know, like Balzac.

And just ’cause you’re special, here’s something I’ve written on the draft of Never Let Me Down Again, the sequel to Don’t You Forget About Me.

And then there was Gene’s brand of love.  There was nothing casual about it.  He wanted to talk with me, teach me things and learn with me, to challenge me and yet still accept me.  He just did not want to sleep with me.  The world I’d been living in for nearly four decades told me that I was being rejected.  He should have been finding me irresistible—especially since the guy hadn’t, you know, tripped the light fantastic since that one time in college.  Shouldn’t he have been spending every second with me trying to get my clothes off? Was I that repulsive?

Gene wasn’t rejecting me, though.  He was accepting me.  He just wasn’t ravishing me.  It was like dating a foreign exchange student: terribly romantic but terribly frustrating.

Do you need more encouragement to get your very own copy of The Grace of Yes?  Here’s my review.  LOVED IT!


  1. Ahhhh!! I don’t know what I’m more a fan of, the excerpt or your sheer bravery for a bathrobe-Balzac-selfie! I love the foreign exchange student analogy. What’s up with Gene?! 😀

  2. OK. You need to finish writing this book NOW. I’m a big fan of Cate and Gene (though not, alas, of 90s music.)

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