#7QT Dominican Saints Edition

Cristina said it better than I could. A day late, enjoy these 7 Dominican saints!

Filling My Prayer Closet

Today is the feast of St. Dominic. That’s a pretty huge deal around these parts, as I am going to be received this evening as a Lay Dominican Novice. My husband and children are coming with me for support. They like St. Dominic, but let’s see how much they love him when they’re in a room full of black and white wearing 3OP lifers! I am supposed to be called up, with my new name, just after mass at 5PM, or maybe just after evening prayers. Regardless, your job is to pray for me. Pray for what? That I don’t trip or that I don’t drop pasta sauce on my black and white cardigan – those are good prayers for me today. I will be on retreat the rest of the weekend. Given this is such an important “saint aligned” day for me, I thought we’d review some of…

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