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God has been good this week as always.  This week He made His goodness obvious enough even for the likes of me, ungrateful brat that I am.


My day job has very few immediately tangible perks. One of them is First Raspberry.


As da Fludufians say, “Dat jawn is MAYAN!”


In the past week, my family (assisted by my BFF) has picked and processed 30 pounds of strawberries. Some got frozen, some jammed & canned, and some dried and sent to a certain distant gardener.


We’ve also harvested and dried lavender flowers and a batch of sage. The one pea plant that did not get decimated by our neighborhood bunnies…

… is just about making up for the rest of them. We have frozen gallons of kale, spinach and Swiss chard. Our little lettuce plants have even defied the bunnies and given us much salad.


I found the ice cream maker paddle attachment for our stand mixer!  Hallelujah!  Bring on the “breakfast ice cream!”


Relax.  It’s no-sugar-added smoothie processed in the ice cream freezer.  If you have a picky eater who eschews yogurt, the “yogurty taste” gets toned down through the ice creaming process (whatever that’s called).  My one who will barely eat yogurt often has seconds of “breakfast ice cream.”

It’s a harvest of success! How about over at your garden?

 ETA: I can’t believe I’ve never thought of this thing for which to be grateful before.  I had a horrible, out-of-nowhere asthma attack last night that kept me up until at least 3:30am (I had to force myself to stop watching the clock, because I sure didn’t need anxiety on top of wheezing).  Today just about the only thing I’ve been good for is sitting at the computer… which is my work.  Could you imagine if I were a railroad operator, a school bus driver, worked a meat slicer, or any other number of jobs for which I need to be able to be active and alert the day following an asthmatic all-nighter?  I’m grateful that, while I’m in a fallen world, God created a way to use me in spite of all that fallen.  Sweet.



  1. I think I may be shopping around for an ice-cream freezer. This would be a hit with more than one of my kids!

    1. Awesome. We have the one that attaches to our Kitchen Aid stand mixer. I whip up the smoothie then let it churn (that’s the word) while I shower. Boom. Breakfast ice cream.

  2. Breakfast Ice Cream? – please, please, please tell me more. The exact recipe, for example. (I am not very intuitive in the kitchen.) I am lactose intolerant so ice cream is a no-no, but yoghurt has little to no lactose in it.
    I have just been idlely surfing the web, and your site must have been where I was meant to come.

    1. Oh my goodness, I haven’t made this in so long, I’m not sure I remember! I’m going to guess it was about 1 c frozen fruit, 1 c yogurt, and 1/2 c juice thrown in the blender then churned in our ice cream maker. You might need to adjust amounts, but let me know how it goes! Our ice cream maker has been getting much use since lockdown started, just not for breakfast ice cream. Thanks for visiting!

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