#WWRW: Southern Trio by M. R. Zapp

Southern Trio

I recently connected with author M. R. Zapp and thus received the opportunity to enjoy her latest work Southern Trio: Three Short Stories of the South. In this bitty gem you”ll find stories of triumph over adversity, and who doesn’t need more of those? The first story is a tale of a girl and her mother, facing a present and a future tainted by alcohol. The second vignette shows us the story of a boy with nothing to lose who may or may not have a chance at a new life. The third story gives us a priest who must face the question: What do we do when everything we’ve done to serve God seems to fall to naught?

I have to say, the third story, “The Magnolia Bloomed,” was my favorite. In it, I learned an valuable lesson that I think all faith-based writers could stand to learn, and that is that unless the Lord builds the house, we build in vain. Nobody’s saying, “Hey! You! Stop building!” Still, we sometimes might need to get out of the way and let God build something beautiful with us as His living stones. A lesson learned at 99 cents? That’s a bargain at any price! Consider picking up a copy of Southern Trio.

Thank you, M. R. Zapp for this reviewing opportunity. The author blogs about the writing life over at Apostolate of the Pen.


  1. The third story sounds the most intriguing. What is it about the South and short stories? Those Southerners excel at food and fiction. Thanks for linking up!

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