Wildcard Wednesday: It’s Hammer Time


The rules are thusly:  

  1. I post a writing prompt on a sort-of randomly selected Wildcard Wednesday.
  2. In 10 minutes or less, you write something based on that prompt.
  3. Post it to your blog.   After you’ve written your response to the prompt, add the link for your blog post to the list by clicking next to the little blue frog face below where it says “Add your link.”
  4. Please make sure that the URL you submit is to your response to the Wildcard Wednesday prompt, not to your main blog URL.
  5. Include a link back here in the post on your blog.
  6. If it’s PG-13 or better and you don’t have a blog of your own, feel free to enter it as a comment on this post, but please note that this is my house, so if I find your post offensive, it’ll be shorter by the head.  I love free speech, though, so take this as your opportunity to get thee to a bloggery.

I invite you to Tweet the link to your prompt with the hashtag #WCW so we participants can find each other on Twitter.  Another fun Twitter tag to try is #improv, which will connect you with anybody on Twitter doing any kind of improv. #amwriting is another goodie.

PROMPT:  Write a story entitled “A Day in the Life of a Hammer.”

(As I get deeper into writing Never Let Me Down Again, I’m spending more time with song titles from 1987-1991.  Hence, “Hammer time” being on my mind.”  Hence the prompt.  You’re welcome.)

A note on responding to the prompt:  Use the prompt as your first sentence.  Or don’t.  Just use it as a jumping-off point and go from there.  I don’t care.  Just write for ten minutes and share it.  Don’t worry about playing by writing rules, because I don’t have any here, and if you’re looking for rules to follow on improv like this, you’re probably looking for an excuse to not write, in which case, try another hobby.  Scrapbooking.  Quilting.  Swimming.  Anything but this, because writing brings new meaning to the term “hot mess.”

Now, here’s hoping the linkup stuff will show up here:


  1. A calloused hand grabs my body roughly. It tests my weight as it wraps itself around me, finding a place that it finds comfortable. A few slow test swings back and forth fill me with purpose. Then in one violent motion, I lunge forward, head first, into my target. “Bang! Bang! Bang!”, repeatedly, becomes the clock tick of my work day. My whole body vibrates, from my head down to my foot. After what seems like an eternity, my target is subdued. There’s only a brief pause before we start, “Bang! Bang! Bang!”, on another.

    Another day in the life of a hammer.

  2. “finding a place that it finds comfortable.” Hmm, change that to “searching for a place that’s comfortable”

    And it may not be much, but that was roughly 6-7 minutes of testing out ideas back and forth in my head and 3 minutes of typing it out and editing.

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