Joyful Hope: The Sorrowful Mysteries of Rejection

Hi, there!  This post is set to appear around the time I give a chat presentation at the Catholic Writers Conference Online.  That particular chat is called, “Joyful Hope: Growing Through Rejection .”

Rejection is a fact of the writing life, but how can we put this painful experience to work for us? How can we maintain our hope in the face of repeated discouragement? Most importantly, what is the point of pursuing our writing when, in the world’s eyes, we may have nothing to show for it? This workshop will help participants see the value of rejection, especially through the eyes of our faith in the crucified Christ.

If you participated in the chat, please take 30-60 seconds to complete an evaluation!

Take some time to visit my books on Amazon.

Lastly but certainly not least, please take a minute to visit the pages of the people who responded to my crowdsourcing, when I asked some good writing friends to give me their thoughts and experiences on rejection.  Thank them for their courage.  Remind them to keep writing the good fight.  Buy their books. And don’t forget to pray the Litany of Humility.

Kate Basi

AnnMarie Creedon

Nicolle French Bailey

Ellen Gable Hrkach

Dena Hunt

Barb S., OFS

Mr. Michael Seagriff, OP

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