“Method Writing”

Hi, there!  This post is set to appear around the time I give a chat presentation at the Catholic Writers Conference Online.  That particular chat is called, “A Writer Prepares:  Using the Principles of Method Acting to Build Believable Characters.”

We so often hear the term “character-centered fiction,” but what does this mean exactly? How can we as writers draw on the resources that God has planted within us to breathe life into characters who are distinctly different from ourselves? In this workshop, writers will learn how to use theatrical exercises to find out what our characters want, need, and get them to tell us what to write next!

If you participated in the chat, please take 30-60 seconds to complete an evaluation!

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Lastly, here are some “Method Writing” exercises to try at home:

  • Write your character’s resume.
  • Walk around for 10 minutes to half an hour “being” your character.  What kinds of things does your character see?  Smell?  Taste?  Touch?  Hear?
  • What animal best describes your character?  Why?  Write about your character finding water as that animal.
  • You and your character go shopping at a discount store.  Write your shopping list and his/her shopping list.  Then write about your shopping trip with that character.
  • Would you like more writing improv exercises?  Once a month, I host a “Wildcard Wednesday” linkup.  Clicky to learn more about Wildcard Wednesdays.  Click here to find out why improv is good for you.

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