Small Success Thursday: Dishpan Hands and Electric Kettles


It’s Small Success Thursday over at CatholicMom.Com.

  1. We are now one week without a dishwasher.  So we’ve been washing dishes by hand.  As of tomorrow, we will be one week without a water heater.  We have had two severe winter storms and one full day without power, so trying to see success in the past week is hard.  The fact that I’m making the time to write this post is a success in and of itself.  
  2. I’ve been contacted by a local radio station for an interview regarding the talk I’ll be giving at the Exton Barnes and Noble at 7pm on February 20.  The talk will mostly be about writing, publishing, marketing and the like.  The radio segment is set to air at 7:40am on February 19 on 1520AM out of West Chester, PA.
  3. My kids and husband have done all the shoveling and ice removal, which has been a relief.  I’m mostly over my bronchitis, but my lungs are still easily inflamed, so this was a huge blessing.
  4. I’ve been able to “meet” some more characters for the sequel to Don’t You Forget About Me, tentatively titled Never Let Me Down Again.  That’s one of the most enjoyable, least agonizing part of the writing process for me.  I love developing characters.  How do I do that…?
  5. Come find out in the chat presentation I’m preparing on Creating Believable Characters for the Catholic Writers Conference Online.  Speaking of which, register for that one by tomorrow, peeps.  You won’t regret it.
  6. Back to DYFAM, I was so excited to get the 27th Amazon review!  Even better, it’s another 5-star, which is balm to the winter-weary writer’s soul.
  7. When you try to find just three successes in an otherwise FAIL of a week, you often can end up finding twice as many.

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