REJECTION? Let’s talk.



Time is running out.  Have you registered for  THEEEEEEEE online conference of the year?  Catholic Writers Conference Online



Have I mentioned it’s my favorite price: FREE?

Have I mentioned it happens in one of my favorite places:  THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME?

Have I mentioned the dress code:  PAJAMAS?  Well, that is, if that’s your sort of thing.

As part of The Catholic Writers Conference Online, I’ll be giving two chat presentations.  On Monday, March 10 at 10am EST, I’ll be chatting with youse guys about how “A Writer Prepares:  Using the Principles of Method Acting to Build Believable Characters.”  Then on Wednesday, March 12 at 1pm I’ll be giving a chat presentation about “Joyful Hope:  Growing Through Rejection.”

That’s where I need your help.  If you’re reading this, you probably are interested in writing and have experienced (or are paralyzed by a fear of experiencing) rejection.  Actually, if you’re human, you’ve experienced some kind of rejection.  What kinds of rejection does the writer face, in your experience?  Can you comment below with a story of a time you faced some kind of rejection in your writing life?  Did you keep going or freeze in your tracks?  How long did it get you to get moving again, or are you still looking for that nudge back onto your creative path?  

If you’re still with me and you’d like to participate in any part of the CWCO conference, registration is due by February 7.  So, do get registered!  CWCO is how Full Quiver Publishing found me, so I’m big on attending these things.  Give it some prayer.  I hope you’ll give it a try.

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