Improv, Like Bacon, Is Good For You

Apparently, so is bacon:

Anyway, if you saw last week’s Seven Quick Takes, you saw this handy dandy (admittedly oversized) square-thing:

WildcardWedImprovButtonYou also may have visited previously during the Twelve Days of Fiction Improv Fest.  Anyway, my plan is to host a monthly linkup of responses to a writing prompt.  Think “Scenes from a Hat” from Whose Line Is It Anyway?  Here are some quick reasons why fiction improv, like bacon, is good for me.  Erm, and you.

  1. Improv helps you connect with others as a writer without the stress of going through a critique.
  2. Improv helps you practice sitting down and writing without a large imposing deadline.
  3. Improv forces you to be concise.
  4. On the same note, improv limits you to using only one point-of-view in your story, which is a good practice for increasing clarity in character-focused fiction for your longer projects.

Want in?  This Wednesday, January 29 will be our first Wildcard Wednesday Fiction Improv here at Will Write for Tomato Pie.  The rules, linkup and writing prompt should be available well before you wake up on Wednesday (unless you’re in AUS/NZ, in which case, at least by lunchtime).

Have you ever done fiction improv before?  What was the best part of the experience?  Would you consider trying it again?




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