12 Days of Fiction Day 3: Three French Hens

It’s never too late to get caught up with improv!  We have posts for all twelve of the Twelve Days of Fiction with the exception of The Third Day:  Three French Hens.

by E8 Album HQR Initiative

So, if you have 10 minutes to spare, write a piece of fiction in 10 minutes or less with your interpretation of the phrase “Three French Hens.”  Then, post it on your blog and comment here with the link, or post your whole improv as a comment below.  Make sense?  Aaaaannnnd…. GO!

ETA:  Just in case this works and you want to post your link in the linkup here (if it shows up, that is), by all means…

One comment

  1. “So what is this meshuggah song about 12 gifts for Christmas?” the rabbi asked me. “I mean, really? Three french hens? French hens, I’ve got!” He gestured to them, as we gathered eggs.

    “I dunno,” I said, “It’s a very strange song. I’ve read –”

    “I mean, all those birds would be nice, but nothing like the miracle of the lights of Chanukah! Now THERE’S a holy day worth singing about! Eight lamps a’glowing — THAT is a song worth singing! But birds?” he pronounced it “boids” — “Feh!”

    “Some say that it’s symbolic, like the goat in ‘Chad Gadya’. I said. And the three hens represent the Trinity — One God in three persons.”

    “Yes, I know all about your three gods! But HaShem is one, and shall always be so!”

    I tried to explain further, but he cut me off. “Let’s have some breakfast, nu?” He went on muttering, “A god that is one AND three! Feh! Meshuggah goyim!”

    That triple-yolked egg gave him quite a turn, though.

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