12 Days of Fiction, Day 9: Nine Ladies Dancing

Welcome to the ninth post of the “12 Days of Fiction” series, where a volunteer writer is assigned a random writing prompt from the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” All writing on the prompt must be done in 10 minutes or less.

 by E8 Album HQR Initiative

Volunteers have been cultivated through the original 12 Days of Fiction invite, the Catholic Writers Guild members-only Facebook page, my Facebook page… and I think that’s it.  Thanks to Random.org for the random number generator.

If you’d like to join in, let me know.  We may have days yet unclaimed.  Comment on this post or on the original 12 Days of Fiction invite (or on any of the above, if you have clearance to get to them), and I’ll comment back with your day and writing prompt.

And now here’s another contribution, “Unexpected Assist,”  from Kimberly Hartman of Catholic Writers Guild fame!  Thank you, Kimberly.  I’m excited that this got you writing!  Kimberly’s previous piece in the 12 Days challenge is here.


Unexpected Assist


He felt the fragile wood of the box lid he was carving give way. He flung aggrieved workman’s hands heavenward.

“Bozhe me! You  would t’ink to give a friend a break, maybe? What the heck am to do wi’dis, den? Dis man’s frigerator, dat woman’s heater, never any time – am late anyway, dis supposed to be ‘de twelve dancing princesses’, an what you give me? Nine! Nine only!”

Being out of breath was the only thing that stopped his rant, just long enough to hear the faint sound of carolers outside. Eye grew wide, and he grinned crookedly and laughed.

“Hokay, enough with two-by-four. Gift soon done, on time too. D’ankuyu for help.”

Still chuckling, Sergei sanded the rough edge. Just enough left to finish the edging. He might have known…


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