12 Days of Fiction, Day 7: Seven Swans A-Swimming

Welcome to the seventh post of the “12 Days of Fiction” series, where a volunteer writer is assigned a random writing prompt from the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” All writing on the prompt must be done in 10 minutes or less.

 by E8 Album HQR Initiative

Volunteers have been cultivated through the original 12 Days of Fiction invite, the Catholic Writers Guild members-only Facebook page, my Facebook page… and I think that’s it.  Thanks to Random.org for the random number generator.

If you’d like to join in, let me know.  We may have days yet unclaimed.  Comment on this post or on the original 12 Days of Fiction invite (or on any of the above, if you have clearance to get to them), and I’ll comment back with your day and writing prompt.

And now here’s a contribution from Kathy Szymanski!  Thank you, Kathy.  I enjoyed your poetical prose!



7 swans a-swimming!  Oh how I love swimming in Minnesota in January! The seven swans gather round and watch the crazy Minnesotans as they “polar plunge” into the freezing water. (Hole was made courtesy of the Park Department for the swans to be able to swim.) And lo and behold! After they plunge magical things begin to happen and the plungers become majestic (and no longer cold or freezing). Their clothes are dry and warm and transform into beautiful robes. (No, they are not dead!)

They hover about, and as they instantly are aware of their new status, they realize the magical powers bestowed upon them. They float about, as angels, but visible to all, doing good deeds, bringing good news and love to all! It brings joy to their hearts as they are able to bring peace and happiness to people, friends, family, and strangers alike, sharing just a smidgen of God’s love and peace.

But alas, their transformation lasts only seven minutes. Then they return to their normal mortal state and find themselves again at the edge of the ice hole, the seven swans now a-swimming grandly in the lake.


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