Review: God’s Bucket List

Can I be a little bold?  Can I go ahead and call Teresa Tomeo our Joyce Meyer?  I’m gonna do it!  Teresa Tomeo is the Catholic girl’s no-nonsense, straightforward, real life imaginary best friend.  Okay, obviously Teresa is not imaginary, but if you’ve been listening to her for a while, it’s hard to remember that she isn’t physically sitting down with you and a cup of coffee, chatting about the things that really matter to us.  She doesn’t think you’re kooky for making your faith a priority, she speaks the prose that we need rather than the highfalutin poetry we don’t, and she probably has the all the t-shirts from having been there and doing that.

God’s Bucket List  is a lovely slice of the kind of thing Teresa delivers on Catholic Connection and in all her other engagements.  If you’re looking for a way to make your life both more meaningful and more satisfying, God’s Bucket List should be your first stop.  Teresa gives solid steps for finding purpose as well as the solid reasons behind why those steps work.  God’s Bucket List was another reminder to me of why it’s so awesome to be Catholic: we don’t need to rely only on semantics and hope that our arguments hold up; we can use both scripture study as well as scientific findings to support the idea that life according to Catholic moral teaching is the good life.  In God’s Bucket List, Teresa shows us time and again that living a Catholic life is both good and real–as real as Teresa herself is with her listeners.

So, do you want a life that is Real Good?  Read God’s Bucket List and get started!


  1. I read this book just after it was released. I enjoyed it so much because I can relate to her journey from obsessed professional to faithful Catholic (although I’m a convert, not a revert). I think the 8 steps provide pearls of wisdom, borne from the author’s experiences in daily living. I tried to read one chapter a day to I recommend others read this book!

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