A Murder Mystery and a Medical Mystery

Hey, everybody! Check out my DON’T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME virtual book tour stop today at my friend FranciscanMom’s page. We’re sharing our stories about our experiences as Catholic women living with endometriosis. Thank you for hosting me, FranciscanMom!


erin mccole cupp author photoToday I welcome my friend and Catholic Writers’ Guild Conference roommate, Erin McCole-Cupp, as she continues her Don’t You Forget About Me book tour. Erin and I discovered that we have plenty in common:

  • we both have 3 children
  • we’re both members of Third Orders (she’s a Dominican)
  • we both love reading and writing
  • we both have endometriosis.

dyfam cover artErin found inspiration for a novel in this “silent” disease. Here’s her story.

“There’s Nothing We Can Do For You”:  Endometriosis and the Catholic Girl

by Erin McCole-Cupp

I sat next to my husband in yet another pleather office chair.  Yet another reproductive endocrinologist sat across from us.  A supposedly clever cartoon was framed on the wall behind her.  The bubble-letter caption read “Test Tube Babies!”  The illustration was of a giant test tube overflowing with chubby, giggling, diaper-clad (note:  100% Caucasian) babies, climbing out of some kind of bubbly fluid sloshing…

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