Small Success Thursday

Join me and a bunch of other nice, Catholic ladies (and a few gents as well) as we celebrate our little things with Small Success Thursday over at!


  1. Don’t You Forget About Mes Kindle edition has ranked in the top ten in its Amazon category since it’s release on October 17.  This is not a small success in my book, by any means, but it sure is an unexpected blessing.  In fact, when I woke up on Friday morning, it was at #1 in its category.  I never thought that would happen, and it wouldn’t have without the grace of God and the support of you fine people.
  2. The DYFAM Goodreads Giveaway is really taking off!  I never thought it would be this much fun to watch the numbers of people interested in the book grow by the hour, every single time I re-open or refresh the page!  Good luck, entrants.  Please know that, like it or not, I pray for you.
  3. I’ve gotten an unexpected sense of courage and purpose.  I really do feel like I had to write DYFAM because if I hadn’t, it wouldn’t have left me alone until I was in a padded room swaddled all snug and cozy in one of those pretty jackets with all the buckles.  When somebody actually wanted to publish the thing, I had a bit of a crisis, It was all borne of the fear of having my ideas out there in a way that I know will cause people to heap hate upon me.  Correction:  will cause some people to heap on the hate.  I never thought until this week, though, that maybe instead of being so worried about what people will project onto me that will make me feel uncomfortable… it might have been nice if I had stopped to think that what I wrote might have given others something good:  hope, relief, forgiveness, a way out of what had previously seemed inescapable.  I’m talking in circles, I admit, because I don’t want to give any spoilers.  Anyway, I just wanted to express joy and thanks that I’ve had an opportunity to offer some people hope, or at least a feeling of not being so alone.

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