Yet another post about tomato pie.

I grew up eating tomato pie but now live at least an hour away from any bakeries that make it–the real stuff, I mean, not just that “pizza without cheese” nonsense that the people around here call “tomato pie,” she scoffed.  Thankfully, my BFF lives about ten minutes from a branch of the bakery that makes THE BEST TOMATO PIE ON THIS PLANET YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO ARGUE WITH ME NOW SIT DOWN AND EAT THE PIE!

Ahem.  That would be Corropolese’s Bakery.  Yes, I love their tomato pie so much that I practically wrote a book about it.  Well, sort of.

Anyway, here is a picture of Scott, the manager of their Limerick, PA bakery, where we got the pie for the book cover photo shoot (and, incidentally, where we got some for lunch on Saturday).


This picture in no way implies an endorsement, by Manager Scott personally or by Corropolese Bakery in general, of Don’t You Forget About Me.   Really, it’s just an endorsement by me, Erin, for their tomato pie.

Do you see that?  The sauce is so thick that it just stands there like it's waiting for a bus.

Do you see that? The sauce is so thick that it just stands there like it’s waiting for a bus.

Nom.  That’s the stuff that I gave Teresa Tomeo at the CMN Trade Show back in August.  Girlfriend took one bite of it and said, “Now that’s real East Coast gravy.”  I know, right?  Mmm-hm.

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