7 Quick Takes Friday: The “MY BOOK IS AVAILABLE” Edition!

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Join me, Jennifer, and all the other wacky “left-footers” over at Conversion Diary for 7 Quick Takes Friday!


Don’t You Forget About Me is now available on Amazon Kindle!



Have I mentioned that Don’t You Forget About Me is available on Amazon Kindle?


Have I mentioned that it got three 5-star reviews before it had even been available for an hour?  Thank you, Franciscan Mom, Therese Heckencamp, and of course AnnMarie Creedon!  Thanks, too, to Laura @ Green4God and Mike @ Harvesting the Fruits of Contemplation for adding their reviews mere hours later.


Don’t You Forget About Me now has not one but two video trailers.  The first is a one-minute teaser, and the second is a bit longer but still just over two minutes.


We also have Don’t You Forget About Me listed on Goodreads.


One of my oldest and dearest friends posted this picture on my personal Facebook wall yesterday.


Here’s my author page on Facebook, my Twitter Page, and my Pinterest page.  The Pinterest page will be of especial interest to anyone else who is a Whovian Browncoat who also likes Buffy, X Files, Sherlock, and TERRIFYING EWOK CAKES.

Ewok birthday cake! In case you didn't already hate Ewoks.

I used to like Ewoks.


And last but certainly not least, if you go on over to my editor’s blog, Plot, Line and Sinker by Ellen Gable for today only, she’s giving away AT LEAST ONE copy of the Kindle version of Don’t You Forget About Me.  If money is so tight right now that your last $3.99 is already spoken for, (and believe me do I know how that is), throw your hat into Ellen’s giveaway ring!


    1. Hi, RAnn! I’m scheduled to post a recipe for tomato pie on 15Nov at CatholicMom.com. Warning: there is no possible way for it to be nearly as good as “the real thing,” such as what we got from Corropolese for both the cover shot and the CWG Live giveaway. I do promise to do my best, however. 🙂

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