Congratulations to Endometriosis Warrior, Dr. Bob Motley!

From our local FertilityCare Friends newsletter:

Dr. Bob Motley is the 2013 Recipient of the Drs. Gino and Mary Papola Award for his outstanding contributions to Catholic Health Care in service to Christ and His Church.  Dr. Bob is an FFC Board Member and involved in its Mission.  He  was the previously the Director of the Philadelphia Catholic Medical Association Medical Student programs and is a guiding force in the education of medical professionals and couples in the use of Natural Family Planning.

Congrats, Dr. Bob!  As you’ll read in the  acknowledgements section of Don’t You Forget About Me, Dr. Bob was one of the medical professionals I consulted while writing the novel (you’ll also learn how I first met Bob, but that’s a whole other story about when I was a young and foolish youth minister).  You can read some of the information he shared with me back then in this wonderful article he wrote on endometriosis and current trends in treatment and research.

Oh, and just a reminder, the exclusive Kindle-only release of DYFAM is this Thursday, October 17.  Please pick up your copy and leave a review when you’re done.  I’ll post the link as soon as it’s available on Thursday.  Holding out for a hard copy?  That’s due for a November 1 release.  In the meantime:

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