Review: Treason by Dena Hunt


Treason:  This was a lovely read.  Over a decade ago, I myself was going through a post-conversion crisis of faith and found myself on a trip to England and Ireland.  The stories I heard then of the Catholic martyrs, especially those of England, opened my eyes anew to the value of our faith:  that it is a truth worth dying for.  Dena Hunt’s novel Treason put flesh and bone and breath into those stories and made me value the faith anew.  I have to say that the pacing is much slower than I usually read, but I still finished Treason in a day.  Hunt brought a quiet immediacy to those far-distant stories of the priests and laypeople who gave their lives–not just their life-breath but their daily comforts, their moments of personal peace, their relationships with their countrymen–because they were not willing to lie.  Do you need an example of day-to-day courage?  Do you need hope that our flailing efforts have value to make present here the Kingdom of God? Then go read Treason by Dena Hunt.

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