Don’t You Forget About Me review at

Obligatory reminder;  Don’t forget the $1.99 ebook sale on my novel Jane_E, Friendless Orphan!

Artwork (C)2006 by Anthony Volpe

Artwork (C)2006 by Anthony Volpe

Anyway, who’s got two thumbs and loves having her work described as “snarky and riveting”?  THIS GIRL.

A very special thanks to Fr. Jim Tucker over at Catholic Creativity for this very relate-able review of Don’t You Forget About Me.  He “got” the chapter title thing!  I’m so excited when that happens.  Don’t know what that means?  I guess you’ll have to buy a copy and find out!

“Snarky and riveting: is just as much balm to this writer’s soul as comments like these from Franciscan Mom:


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