Month: October 2013

Another Stop on the DYFAM Virtual Book Tour

Hey, all!  Hop on over to Lisa Colon Delay‘s place today for my next stop on the Don’t You Forget About Me virtual book tour.  

I really enjoyed Lisa’s latest book, Dog in the Gapand reviewed it here.  In the spirit of her latest book, I’m on Lisa’s blog today talking about the what the Christian writer can learn from the rat terrier evangelization technique.



The Songs and the Chapters

If you look at the Amazon reviews of Don’t You Forget About Meyou’ll see several mentions of all the chapters being named after 80’s songs.  If you haven’t had a chance to get a copy of the  book yet (or if, say, you find yourself preparing for an 80’s karaoke party or something), you might find the following list handy:

Prologue, “Life in a Northern Town”

Chapter 1, “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin'”

Chapter 2, “Goody Two Shoes”

Chapter 3, “Small Town”

Chapter 4, “There’ll Be Sad Songs (To Make You Cry)”

Chapter 5, “Kyrie”

Chapter 6, “In the Air Tonight”

Chapter 7, “Save a Prayer”

Chapter 8, “Borderline”

Chapter 9, “”True Colors”

Chapter 10, “Blinded Me With Science”

Chapter 11, “One Thing Leads to Another”

Chapter 12, “Danger Zone”

Chapter 13, “Take My Breath Away”

Chapter 14, “Take On Me”

Chapter 15, “True Blue”

Chapter 16, “The Warrior”

Chapter 17, “No One Is To Blame”

Chapter 18, “Don’t Stop Believin’

Epilogue, “Peek-a-boo”

And, of course, there’s this one:

A Murder Mystery and a Medical Mystery

Hey, everybody! Check out my DON’T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME virtual book tour stop today at my friend FranciscanMom’s page. We’re sharing our stories about our experiences as Catholic women living with endometriosis. Thank you for hosting me, FranciscanMom!


erin mccole cupp author photoToday I welcome my friend and Catholic Writers’ Guild Conference roommate, Erin McCole-Cupp, as she continues her Don’t You Forget About Me book tour. Erin and I discovered that we have plenty in common:

  • we both have 3 children
  • we’re both members of Third Orders (she’s a Dominican)
  • we both love reading and writing
  • we both have endometriosis.

dyfam cover artErin found inspiration for a novel in this “silent” disease. Here’s her story.

“There’s Nothing We Can Do For You”:  Endometriosis and the Catholic Girl

by Erin McCole-Cupp

I sat next to my husband in yet another pleather office chair.  Yet another reproductive endocrinologist sat across from us.  A supposedly clever cartoon was framed on the wall behind her.  The bubble-letter caption read “Test Tube Babies!”  The illustration was of a giant test tube overflowing with chubby, giggling, diaper-clad (note:  100% Caucasian) babies, climbing out of some kind of bubbly fluid sloshing…

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7 Quick Takes Friday – FQP Edition (Huge Giveaway!!)


Plot Line and Sinker (Ellen Gable, Author)

7_quick_takes_sm1 TGIF!!! Friday means I’m participating in 7 Quick Takes with other Catholic bloggers, but this week it’s over at Clan Donaldson. Head on over and take a look at the other posts!

Today is the Full Quiver Publishing edition, showcasing each of our books.

Last week, we released the Kindle edition of Erin McCole Cupp’s novel, Don’t You Forget About Me. With that release, Full Quiver now has seven titles under its logo. To celebrate, I’m giving away a FQP prize package worth over $100!!! (If you want to win ALL of the print editions of these books, read below and comment before November 1st!! Even if you already have some of these, they would all make great Christmas gifts!!) FQ logo square

1. Angela’s Song by AnnMarie Creedon
Angela ‘Jel’ Cooke is a widow and mother of three who stays busy so as not to have to face the fact…

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Small Success Thursday

Join me and a bunch of other nice, Catholic ladies (and a few gents as well) as we celebrate our little things with Small Success Thursday over at!


  1. Don’t You Forget About Mes Kindle edition has ranked in the top ten in its Amazon category since it’s release on October 17.  This is not a small success in my book, by any means, but it sure is an unexpected blessing.  In fact, when I woke up on Friday morning, it was at #1 in its category.  I never thought that would happen, and it wouldn’t have without the grace of God and the support of you fine people.
  2. The DYFAM Goodreads Giveaway is really taking off!  I never thought it would be this much fun to watch the numbers of people interested in the book grow by the hour, every single time I re-open or refresh the page!  Good luck, entrants.  Please know that, like it or not, I pray for you.
  3. I’ve gotten an unexpected sense of courage and purpose.  I really do feel like I had to write DYFAM because if I hadn’t, it wouldn’t have left me alone until I was in a padded room swaddled all snug and cozy in one of those pretty jackets with all the buckles.  When somebody actually wanted to publish the thing, I had a bit of a crisis, It was all borne of the fear of having my ideas out there in a way that I know will cause people to heap hate upon me.  Correction:  will cause some people to heap on the hate.  I never thought until this week, though, that maybe instead of being so worried about what people will project onto me that will make me feel uncomfortable… it might have been nice if I had stopped to think that what I wrote might have given others something good:  hope, relief, forgiveness, a way out of what had previously seemed inescapable.  I’m talking in circles, I admit, because I don’t want to give any spoilers.  Anyway, I just wanted to express joy and thanks that I’ve had an opportunity to offer some people hope, or at least a feeling of not being so alone.

Review: Viper by John Desjarlais

The sequel to Bleeder, which I reviewed here, Viper gives us more of Selena De La Cruz, whom we met for the first time in the previous book in the series.  I loved the pacing, I loved how the Catholic faith and the culture of Mexico, both modern and ancient, played an integral role to the unfolding of the mystery.  The plot twists were crafted in such a way that they were believable as well as thrilling.  Best of all, I love how the author makes these people real because of their multidimensional struggles with faith.  I highly recommend!

Yet another post about tomato pie.

I grew up eating tomato pie but now live at least an hour away from any bakeries that make it–the real stuff, I mean, not just that “pizza without cheese” nonsense that the people around here call “tomato pie,” she scoffed.  Thankfully, my BFF lives about ten minutes from a branch of the bakery that makes THE BEST TOMATO PIE ON THIS PLANET YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO ARGUE WITH ME NOW SIT DOWN AND EAT THE PIE!

Ahem.  That would be Corropolese’s Bakery.  Yes, I love their tomato pie so much that I practically wrote a book about it.  Well, sort of.

Anyway, here is a picture of Scott, the manager of their Limerick, PA bakery, where we got the pie for the book cover photo shoot (and, incidentally, where we got some for lunch on Saturday).


This picture in no way implies an endorsement, by Manager Scott personally or by Corropolese Bakery in general, of Don’t You Forget About Me.   Really, it’s just an endorsement by me, Erin, for their tomato pie.

Do you see that?  The sauce is so thick that it just stands there like it's waiting for a bus.

Do you see that? The sauce is so thick that it just stands there like it’s waiting for a bus.

Nom.  That’s the stuff that I gave Teresa Tomeo at the CMN Trade Show back in August.  Girlfriend took one bite of it and said, “Now that’s real East Coast gravy.”  I know, right?  Mmm-hm.

We’re Number… TWO!

This morning, my publisher notified me that Don’t You Forget About Me had reached #1 ranking in its Amazon category.  Hooray!


This afternoon, when setting up this blog post to share that good news, I noticed that DYFAM had been knocked down to #2.  The #1 spot is now held by some guy named Dante Alighieri who had the nerve to call his comedy “divine.”  Sheesh.  What’s this “La Divina Comedia” anyway?  And why is it a big deal that it’s in Spanish?  Either way, congratulations Mr. Alighieri.

Speaking of divine comedies, I brought in my heart to Mass today all the intentions of those who purchased DYFAM yesterday, offering special prayers for those who posted reviews.  I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!