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Join all the most adorable papists in the blogosphere for Seven Quick Takes Friday, hosted by the lovely and talented Jennifer over at Conversion Diary!



Click for the teaser trailer!

Click for the teaser trailer!

This one’s the short, 60 second “teaser” version.  Check back soon for the “full-length director’s cut!”


How did I do that?  I joined the Catholic Writer’s Guild!  Another benefit of CWG membership, and perhaps one not publicized enough, is the guild’s Animoto account. Free book trailers–holla!  Pay your dues and reap the benefits!


NFP Buttons

Thanks to CatholicandCrunchy.com for this awesome pic!

Well, honestly, it’s more like, “We know we’re supposed to do it every night, but sometimes we’re just too tired and wait until the morning before the kids wake up.”


If it weren’t for the last minute, nothing would get done.  The lovely Ashley Perez has a blog post cleverly titled “How to plan a book blog tour without going crazy.”  Her recommendation is to get the ball rolling 3-5 months before book release date.  We are, as of today, SIX WEEKS from the release of Don’t You Forget About Me.  Um.  Oops?  So I guess it’s more like “How to plan a book blog tour without going crazy.”


Speaking of book blog tours, if you’d like me to visit your blog and talk about Don’t You Forget About Me, do let me know.  I’ll bring visitors to your blog.  You’ll bring visitors to my blog.  We’ll have scones.  It’ll be a fine, elegant time.


It’s been a while since I’ve written a media release for a book.  The last time was for this book, way back in 2006:

Artwork (C)2006 by Anthony Volpe

Artwork (C)2006 by Anthony Volpe

That was the age of both the rise and fall of MySpace!  Wow.  Anyway, since there have been so many new avenues open up in the way of social media since I took Jane_E to market, I had to brush up on my media relations.  I got a lot out of this article, “How to Write a Press Release for Your Book.”


There is a lot to do, getting ready for a book release.  I’m stressing when I shouldn’t be.  It all seem so important when under the microscope of a deadline, you know?  However, I just have to keep reminding myself that, in the end, compared to the things God has in mind to show us, anything I might write or do to share that writing is so much straw.

St. Thomas Aquinas, pray for us!


  1. You never mentioned scones! Though I can’t help thinking that sfogliatelli would be more appropriate, given the book’s setting. (That, and San Gennaro was yesterday, so I’ve got Italian pastry on the brain. Fortunately for my waistline, I didn’t get to have any “for real.”)

      1. Sounds good to me! (Oh, I made the TTT yesterday. Tried it on top of regular tacos instead of just tomatoes…MMMM…today for lunch, it’s on its own with multigrain tortilla chips. I think there will be many ways to serve the TTT!)

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