7 Quick Takes Friday: The Teaser Edition

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Join me and Jennifer over at Conversion Diary for 7QT!

I can’t believe we are less than two months away from the release of Don’t You Forget About Me! As we count down the weeks, I’m going to give you a little gift: teasers! Do you have any idea how much fun writing can be? Here are a few of the lines from DYFAM that were the most fun to write. Spoiler-free!



“I am not drunk dialing. I am disappointed-and-embarrassed-and-ashamed dialing.”

–Cate, from Chapter 5, “Kyrie”


“Great googly moogly, Cate!” she shrieked at me the second her thumb hit the “accept” button on her cell. “Are you in jail?”

–Staz, from Chapter 7, “Save a Prayer”


“He’s not sure if he’s married or not, he’s trying to get you to be Miss Crunchy Granola Catholic, he’s got a great right hook, and he’s leading you into mortal danger?”

“Yeah.” I sipped my bland hotel room coffee. “Sounds like a real keeper.”

“Sounds kind of hot, if you ask me.

–Staz and Cate, from Chapter 12, “Danger Zone”


For the first time in my life, I was glad that my behavior was being fueled by a raging case of PMS.

–Cate, from Chapter 15, “True Blue”


“The good and the bad? It doesn’t matter. They all die. There is nowhere you can hide from God, bambino. Your family, your company, they both make widows and orphans. What do you get from this, eh?”

–My beloved Mr. Celli, from Chapter 16, “The Warrior”


I guess you have to have organized crime and Big Pharma on your side to keep a secret from the secretary of a Catholic elementary school.

–Cate, from Chapter 18, “Don’t Stop Believin’”


“Confidence doesn’t come from what is easy. It comes from surviving what is hard. It comes from facing a conflict and letting it teach you, sharpen you, chip off all the stuff that makes you something less than what you’re meant to be.”

–Cate, from Chapter 18, “Don’t Stop Believin'”



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